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Accessories For Your Personal Style

The gaudy, eighties themed belts that took over the scene last year are today as distant a memory as the decade that inspired them. Enter the skinny belt. Fashionistas are addicted to the daintier, feminine fashion accessory. Super-skinny belts can be worn high above the waist to create a flattering silhouette and are paired with a free flowing maxi dress, a forgiving knit shirt or chunky sweater. Belt loops are even making their way onto suit jackets creating a cinching look.

Comfort is a major and I'm quite certain, a welcomed theme when compared to the corset-sized, rib bruiser belts of 2007. While these skinnier belts are still subtler then last year's version, embellishments, bright, colors and patterns are sure to please. Some versions are extra long and can be looped at the end, another throwback to the '80s. Another very popular accessory this year is the clutch, and I am very impressed with their design and instant appeal. They make the simple ensemble that I designed exciting and new. They are surely not just for formal occasions anymore, and they go nicely with any type of clothing.

Although you can't get all of your items into one, its more freeing to be rid of the clutter and the heaviness of the large bags from last season. The sizes of these bags were starting to resemble extremely large overnight bags. My ability to find anything in this humongous bag, whether I had it or not, was hampered severely by the other 3,000 items that were jammed into that grossly oversized bag. The hot accessories of 2008 are making way down the catwalk and leaving the overstated styles of the past to rest. Accessories have returned to fulfill the duty their name intended: to accent instead of overwhelm.

Among the names premiering their trendy belts and clutches are Burberry, Donna Karen, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Fendi. But if the pocket book desires a lighter bill of fashion, Forever 21, Steve Madden, or H&M have their own attractive appeal to offer as well.

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Skin Care

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