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Acne in Men

Acne is an affection that does not affect only teenagers and women, it can also occur in men at any age, therefore it is highly important for men to know what they are dealing with when Acne occurs in them. It seems that in most of the cases of men Acne the pimples appear due to an increased level of androgens that lead to a massive sebum secretion by the skin glands. These skin glands will clog up, inflammation will follow and all the process will finalize with a red, painful pimple. Doctors have divided pimples in two categories: the blackheads which form when a clog is made within a hair canal and the whiteheads that form within the sebaceous follicle and look like a white tip.

Men that suffer from Acne must know that shaving is not a cause of pimples but it can interfere with the process of healing. They should use a quality shaving cream and a sharp blade when shaving and this way they will avoid an irritated or nicked skin. Also, when washing their face they should use only oil free products that will not clog the pores up. Face washing should be done twice a day, first in the morning and then before going to bed and scrubbing has to be avoided in order not to irritate the skin. One of the causes of Acne is stress and we are not taking here about the daily stress which most men are exposed to at work. The profound tension is a factor that can lead to an overproduction of hormones and then to pimples.

So, try to relax and manage stress better. There are lots of men that think of popping their pimples. This is not a good idea as germs from the hands or from inside the zit might spread to other healthy parts of the skin and colonize it, and so, more pimples will appear. Not to mention that squeezing the zits can lead to scars and some of them will never disappear from the skin.

Most of the comedons do not leave marks on the skin after they heal but those that are deep and look like cysts can leave scars if they are mistreated. Acne can occur in any part of the body except the palm of the hand and sole of the foot where hair canals for the skin pores do not exist. No matter where Acne has appeared you can use the same cream you use for treating Acne for all your body zones that are affected by this disorder. Treating Acne must be done by a dermatologist. He will mostly recommend you creams and lotions made out of plants like chamomile and tea tree and substances like zinc sulfate, protodioscin and salicylic acid.

There is a fast-acting anti-Acne cream named "ActivClear" which can help men in fighting Acne and its advantages are that it does not only clear up existing Acne, but also prevents the reappearing of Acne.

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