Now is about the time when we could all use a spring break. Luckily, Smells Like is Tommy Bahama Fragrance for Women, a.k.a. a vacation in a bottle. Note News lets you mimic the sparkling sun and water of a tropical getaway with our collection of shimmer-spiked scents that make the skin luminous.

How And Why Your Skin Ages - For as long as one can remember, it has always been the pursuit of many to keep their youthful looks, even at great costs.

A Hair Raising Experience - Many men consider a hair transplant.

Are There Any Benefits to Having Oily Skin - Whilst most people absolutely hate oily skin, others try and find the positives in it.

Nano Cosmetics Are They The Next Great Thing - Women all over the world are doing a variety of things to combat aging.

Finding The Right Face Lift Surgeon - Face lifts are becoming commonplace these days.

Certified Organic Cosmetics The Healthy Option - Most scientists agree at least 80% of the 200 different types of cancer known today are related to toxins and carcinogens from synthetic and toxic chemicals.

Home Tooth Whitener Kits - If your teeth are starting to look a little yellow and unattractive, you may want to consider using a home tooth whitener kits.

Artificial Nails For Perfect Nails Every Day - False nails are the ideal solution to making your hands look great at all times.

Dry Skin Care How Not To Look Old - If you have a dry skin and not too keen on having it look like a withered apple, then your only way out is to jump headlong into a dry skin care regimen.

Do You Suffer From Green Hair - Many Women suffer from 'green hair.

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