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Back to School Shopping Tips for Students

For most parents, late August and early September means back to school. This is the time to start buying school supplies for your children--clothing, bags and the inevitable decisions and arguments about whether to buy brand name or no name products. If you are a parent buying for your grade school children, you have been learning the ropes for a few years now. Even so, if your child is new to school or you are doing your own school shopping for the very first time, you can learn from a heads up on how, what and where to purchase the items you need. Here are five tips that will help you save money AND keep your sanity! ** PURCHASE EARLY ** Wait too long and you are sure to find the shelves void at all of your favorite discount stores.

If your biggest concern is getting a good deal, start shopping early. There will be plenty of supplies on special by August. Do not forget dollar stores for low prices on pens, paper and a myriad of additional essential items. If you have waited too long already, your first bet is stationary or office supply stores. While they may not always be the cheapest, they are more likely to keep their accessories in stock.

You will also protect yourself from running about considering they are sure to possess all things you need. ** BUY IN BULK ** If you have a few friends that require supplies for their kids (or college buddies), ponder buying in bulk at membership stores or other bulk stores. You may not be capable to get everything you need but essentials like paper, pens and the like can be loaded up and split among everyone saving you money. ** BUY THROUGH YOUR SCHOOL ** If your school has not previously brought in a pre-packaged purchasing system, inquire about it.

If each classroom has a basic package then parents and students can split the costs of the bulk order. Not only will this mean better cost savings - it additionally saves you all the hassle of finding supplies, shopping around or dealing with complaints about brands or colors. ** END OF SEASON CLOTHING ** Now is the time to stock up on summer and sport related clothing. If your child intends be taking part in after school activities like swimming or gymnastics, you can get a great deal from clothing stores with their end-of-season sales. Pay attention for double-duty clothes that can be worked into fall and winter wardrobes as well. Skirts worn with thick tights, tank tops worn layered under long sleeve shirts and sweaters or cropped pants tucked into high boots are all trends that move summer staples into trendy fall and winter wardrobes.

As a note of caution: make certain you are aware of school dress codes when making style choices. Some schools forbid bare shoulders or skirts shorter than a standard length. ** FINDING THE RIGHT BAG ** Do not forget the bag! Kids bags are often far too large and weighty for them which leads to sore muscles and even headaches. Try to select a backpack that sits no lower than the waist and look for styles with padded shoulder straps and a waist strap for additional support. Teens and college bound students may prefer the look of hobo bags and slouchy purses, but heavy books are best carried in a backpack that is properly worn.

Carrying a pack on one shoulder is just as damaging as a purse. If you still prefer a sac or bag find one that has a strap that crosses above the body to spread the weight. The beginning of the school year can be both exciting and stressful for parents and children.

Take your kids shopping at clothing stores and supply stores to prepare them for another memorable year at school.

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