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Bracelets for All Occasions

Bracelets for All Occasions Bracelets -- they've been worn since the beginning of time and still are to this day. In ancient times, bracelets often held religious meaning or denoted a wearer's social status. Today, bracelets can still hold meaning and significance, although often bracelets are worn as a simple fashion statement. Let's take a look at some of the most trendy and popular bracelet styles. Jelly bracelets were highly popular in the 1980's and have shown a resurgence in today's society. They are made from a soft rubbery material and come in every color of the rainbow, including clear.

To wear them the right way, pile them on! The best thing about jelly bracelets is their price -- they're incredibly cheap. While we're on the subject of the 80's, let's discuss another vintage trend -- cuffs. Arm cuffs are worn around the wrists and can be fastened with Velcro or snaps. Cuffs are normally quite wide and often feature bright or eye-catching ornamentation, colors or patterns. Some arm cuffs, or bands, are made from stretchy terrycloth material.

Maybe you're looking for something a bit more classic. If so, you're in luck! One of the most popular and traditional types of bracelets is the diamond tennis bracelet. Diamond tennis bracelets can be a row of pure diamonds, or feature gold designs in between each diamond.

These types of bracelets can be incredibly expensive. Luckily, today's simulated diamonds are as beautiful and lasting as the real thing. Another hot bracelet trend is the bangle.

Although some bangles have hooks or clasps, many of them simply slip onto the arm. Bangles can come in gold or silver and are often worn in bunches on one or both arms. Most bangles are skinny in width, but you can find wide bangles as well.

Not all bangles are gold or silver. Some are crafted from alternative materials like wood, plastic or stainless steel. Pearl bracelets are popular these days as well.

They add a classic Victorian flair to any outfit and come in many different varieties. Most pearls are of the cultured variety, and come in many different colors like white, cream, pink, lavender and black. You can find pearl bracelets that are single strand, and those that feature multiple strands of pearls held together with a clasp. Bracelets of all kinds make great gifts, for a friend, loved one, or even yourself! Rather than worry about what's fashionable, choose pieces that you enjoy wearing. This will ensure that you'll be happy with your choice for years to come! All About Bridal Jewelry Bridal jewelry refers to any pieces that are worn by a bride on her wedding day. The most common type of bridal jewelry is of course the engagement ring and wedding band.

The tradition of presenting a woman with a diamond engagement ring is steeped in history and meaning. The diamond is not only the hardest stone, but one of the most ancient as well. Diamonds represent eternity, beauty, and rarity -- which is why they're so commonly used as a symbol of loving promise. The wedding band is often thought to represent the sanctity of marriage and the simple circle stands for infinity and an unbreakable relationship. There are many new trends in bridal jewelry. Some brides are sporting engagement rings that are not only diamond, but contain other gems as well.

Gold is the traditional metal used for bridal jewelry, but many couples are choosing platinum and even stainless steel for their wedding jewelry. The engagement and wedding rings are not the only type of bridal jewelry out there, however. Often a bride will wear additional jewelry on her big day. This might include a special necklace such as a pendant shaped like a heart or a single diamond solitaire. Another popular pendant style is the eternity circle, which is a simple circle pendant that is similar in design to a wedding band, although bigger.

This type of pendant may be adorned with diamonds. Diamond or rhinestone tiaras are worn as hair ornaments by some brides, depending on their hairstyle. Bridal jewelry isn't just limited to the bride, either! It's customary for a bride to present her maid of honor and her bridesmaids with a small token of appreciation, and this is often a piece of jewelry to be worn at the ceremony. This can include a necklace or pendant, bracelet or ring. Even the guys can sport ceremonial ornamentation, such as a special man's ring or pair of cuff links. Because many pieces of bridal jewelry are made with diamonds, it's important to know how to select and care for diamonds.

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, cuts and colors. You will want to choose a diamond with good clarity and few imperfections. Because diamonds are so tough, they're fairly simple to clean. A simple scrubbing with a toothbrush or traditional jewelry cleaner can be used to keep your diamonds sparkling.

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