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Different Types of Hair Extensions

There are many different types' hair extensions available today, such as weaves, clip in, adhesive based fusion and metal tubing. Clip in hair extensions are the least damaging and easiest to apply. Clip in hair extensions can give you more length, volume, texture and also allow you to add colour. You clip them into your own hair by separating your hair and starting at the nape of the neck.

The amount of clips you use is up to you depending on the level of volume that you require. You simply clip the extensions to your own hair, working your way up your head. You open the clips and face them to the scalp then snap them into place. For best results with clip in hair extensions you should style your own hair and the hair extensions separately. Clip in hair extensions can be worn all day and night, however you should take them out before sleeping.

Clip in hair extensions are sometimes just worn for a night out and other people wear them everyday. This is because clip in hair extensions are versatile and quick to put in and take out. You don't require a professional to fit them for you; you can do it yourself at home. There is no messing around with glue, meaning there is no damage to your hair. Clip in hair extensions are also reasonable in price.

They are one of the most affordable forms of hair extensions but do not lack in quality because of this, most are made using 100% human hair. You can choose from lengths such as 11" through to 28". Another form of hair extensions is bonding/sealing. This is when your real hair is sectioned and the extensions are plaited to your own hair and painted with a bonding solution, this seals the extension around the hair.

This form of hair extension can last up to four months, after the four months the bond starts to loosen. This type of extension must be attached by a professional as they can be extremely difficult to do at home yourself. If done yourself at home the attachments can be hard to handle and you run the risk of ruining your hair as well as getting uneven length that will look un-professional. One other method that you may or may not be aware of is when it comes to hair extensions is the fusion method.

This is when 20-50 strands of human hair extensions have warm protein glue placed on them and a plastic template separates sections of the hair, keeping it away from the scalp. Each piece of hair extension is attached with glue to your natural hair and the attachment of hair to hair extension is pulled through a hole in the plastic template. You should roll the extensions and you're natural hair together until a smooth bond is formed.

This type of hair extension is a very long process and has to, with no exceptions be done on clean, washed hair, without the use of conditioner, otherwise the extensions won't stick correctly. When the time comes to remove hair extensions that have been fused on you should always get it done at a salon as the bond between the hair and extension needs to be softened and cracked; this is done with fusion remover and specialist tools The last form of extensions that I'm going to mention is Bonding Weaves. These are very similar to clip in extensions; you cut a length of human hair to fit your head shape.

The extensions are then glued to your head just below the parting. You can get the glue to do this from most hair and wig stores. This form of hair extension is safe to do at home and the removal of these hair extensions can also be done at home as the remover can also be purchased from the same stores as the glue.

You should make sure you have the remover before you put the extensions in so you can guarantee you can get them out when needed. There are many other forms of hair extensions, but the ones mentioned above are the most common and the ones you are most likely to come across when searching for the right type for you.

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