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Dont Choose The Wrong Lingerie

When it comes to lingerie choosing the right lingerie to wear under your clothes is crucial to the overall look that you are trying to accomplish. If you take the time to pick the correct size and style the right lingerie can slim your figure and make you look better than wearing the same clothing without the lingerie underneath. Sometimes women just skimp on their lingerie purchases and just buy the least it takes to get by because lingerie is unseen, well at least by most! One by product that comes with good quality lingerie is that it also makes you feel better and more confident. One of the biggest fashion fax pas I see are women wearing old, worn lingerie that doesn't fit right and if seen is actually ghastly! Throw out those old bras, slips, and panties that have lost their elasticity.

You will thank me for it. Go buy lingerie that makes you feel sexy and feminine. Don't buy panties that show panty lines.

If you are wearing tight fitting slacks, dresses or skirts always choose thong underwear or choose the longer knicker style if you are uncomfortable in thongs. Visible panty lines are extremely unattractive in any situation. There is almost nothing more unsightly than a bra that is of the wrong size or type. If you have recently put on weight you need to go out a buy new bras that will not cut into your back and create those horrible looking bulges we are all too familiar with. Another thing to consider is support.

If have larger breasts, you need to have a bra that supports properly and keeps everything where it should be, almost nothing is more unsightly than sagging breasts hanging out over the cups of a bra that is not the right size and not supportive. Push up bras should only be worn by those with a small or medium bust to help them to look more well endowed, don't wear push ups if you are a D cup! Always be sure that the fabric is think enough that you don't end up showing when you are cold or excited. You know what I mean by this.

When it comes to choosing panty hose, the color you choose depends upon the size and shape of your legs as well as your natural skin color. If you have ever seen the white hose that nurses wear then you realize that they should be avoided at all costs. Darker panty hose, such as black will slim your legs and make them appear more shapely.

If you do not want to draw attention to your legs, only choose colors that are neutral.

Gregg Hall is a consultant for online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida. Shop for sexy lingerie at

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