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Do you feel like you're on a never-ending mission to quench your skin's thirst? Does your skin always look dull, with visibly dry patches and flakiness? If so surprise, surprise you have dry skin.

How to Treat It

According to David Colbert, MD, a dermatologist and the founder of New York Dermatology Group, dry skin is very common, and is usually a result of aging and environmental factors. "Every year our skin's outer layer is less able to hold on to water," he says. Therefore, you have to look for gentle cleansers and rich moisturizers to make up for this deficit. Start the moisture-boosting process with a creamy, nonfoaming cleanser. Next, exfoliate once a week to rid yourself of those pesky dry patches. Finally, moisturize liberally both day and night with products containing proven hydrating ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in our skin but diminishes over time.

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