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Get More Bling for Your Buck in the LA Jewelry District

Congratulations! You have found your one true love and you have decided to get married. Now you need to find that perfect engagement ring. Of course, you want to get the most "bling" for your buck when making this most important purchase. There are those who would say the best deal is to be found in Pawn Shops.

Others would disagree and say you are lucky if you are anywhere near Los Angeles and its famous Diamond and Jewelry District. This is where the great deals are really found. The LA Jewelry District is a six block area that runs from West 5th Street to West 8th Street and from South Broadway past South Hill Street to South Olive Street. It is comprised of close to 5,000 businesses and is an exciting hub of information and jewelry. The LA Jewelry District is world renown for being one of the largest sources for high quality jewelry, gems, and watches. The Los Angeles Jewelry District has other descriptive names such as the LA Diamond District, the LA Jewelry Mart, or Diamonds in Los Angeles, but they all refer to the same place.

The district itself is a gem of a different nature. It is an eclectic mix of dynamic commerce and stimulating architecture, and it contains an urban oasis of nature in the Pershing Square Park, complete with palm trees, a waterfall, and bronze statues of war heroes. This is a diverse community with art deco architecture at popular restaurants and an impressive arch on South Broadway between West 5th and West 6th streets. This is not some boring strip mall with a mass of merchants piled together; the LA Jewelry District is a vibrant community that is worth the trip for its own sake as well as the outstanding bargains in jewelry. Whether you are making that important purchase of an engagement ring or just want to add to your jewelry box selections, the LA Jewelry District is worth the trip and not to be missed. You will find vendors of gold, silver, and precious gemstones in every imaginable style, including designer pieces and the hottest trends in jewelry design.

You are sure to find exactly what your heart desires. While the district is filled with many fine businesses, it is still advisable to consider the reputation and character of the company that you ultimately do business with. Make your precious purchase from an established business with years of experience. Choose one that is able to offer discounts of 30% to 70% because it is a leading direct diamond importer and can offer these reductions by eliminating the "middle man" and not by skimping on quality. Such a company should have an extensive inventory and will provide you with the high quality piece that will last the many decades of a harmonious marriage. Choose your vendor as carefully as you choose your ring and you will be 100% satisfied.

Tiffany L'orfevre is a jeweler in Los Angeles with over 30 years experience. With so many Los Angeles jewelry store to choose from, Tiffany always recommends that people visit Bridal Rings Company in the Los Angeles diamond before making any purchase. For designer engagement rings, Bridal Rings Company is the place to go.

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