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How to prevent dry wintertime skin The benefits of regular exfoliation

Winter is fast approaching, and with the icy winds and freezing temperatures often comes an aesthetic nightmare: dry and flaky wintertime skin. It can be difficult to maintain a radiant complexion when the weather alone is enough to drive you indoors, but the season of lights doesn't always have to mean a dull face. Many of us are well aware of the numerous benefits of facial exfoliation, but this part of your skin care routine becomes doubly important during the colder months. If you want to keep your skin glowing even when the sun hasn't been out for days on end, keep these four exfoliation benefits at the forefront of your mind and a good facial exfoliator next to your sink.

? There are two types of exfoliation: chemical and mechanical. Chemical exfoliation ranges from mild toners all the way up to dermatological chemical peels that can cost you thousands of dollars. Mechanical exfoliation is the most common form and usually consists of facial scrubs and washes with small abrasive grains that help to slough off dead skin. Microdermabrasion is mechanical exfoliation at its most powerful. Although both mechanical and chemical exfoliation have their respective benefits, stick with cost-effective home treatments that are gentle on your skin and also your holiday money stash?It is possible to achieve non-irritating facial rejuvenation without breaking your budget. ? Although it might seem counterintuitive, sloughing off dry skin cells with a mild abradant actually helps to maintain skin's natural moisture level.

Dead skin cells build up naturally, and removing this outer-most layer will aid in the absorption of other products, such as a thick and creamy moisturizer that you only bring out when the temperatures drop. Make sure to look for a facial exfoliator with a mild and gentle formula; it's important to avoid harsh chemicals that could further aggravate the skin in its delicate state. Also, smaller grains in an exfoliant tend to be less irritating, so stay away from larger particles in the scrub you choose. ? For those of us who are looking for the latest tips in anti-aging skin care secrets, look no further.

As we age, the skin renewal process naturally slows down, and old cells that would have easily given way to younger cells a few years ago often outstay their welcome on the surface of the face. This fact is especially true in winter when we tend to stay indoors longer and usually settle into a less active lifestyle. To avoid build up of this skin-dulling residue, it's important to exfoliate daily instead of once or twice a week in addition to your normal skin care routine. An added bonus of daily exfoliation for aging women is that it greatly encourages the increased production of natural collagen, which helps to keep skin firm and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. ? Just like you, your skin suffers from staying "cooped up" for too long. When dead skin cells are allowed to stay on the surface for extended periods of time, a whole host of facial maladies can occur.

Regular exfoliation prevents clogged pores, acne, ingrown hairs, and certain types of infection. It can also thwart scarring from blemishes and help reduce the appearance of existing scars. There are plenty of reasons to stay indoors during the cold winter months, but a dull complexion shouldn't be one of them. To keep skin looking young, fresh and healthy for the holiday festivities, invest in a gentle facial exfoliator that you can use every day. Do some research and pick a scrub that is right for you skin type and skin care goals. In addition to daily exfoliation, make sure to use a light sunscreen during the winter; just because you can't see the sun doesn't mean that its damaging rays won't make it to your face.

A regular sunscreen works hand in hand with an exfoliator in that it reduces the amount of damage your scrub has to clean up. Let your skin breathe this season and enjoy the merriment?exfoliation should be as instinctive to you as relaxing by a warm fire with friends and family. Resources: "Winter skin care" by David Maillie; "TCA Peel, Exfoliation, and Proper Skin Care" by David Maillie; "Get the Glow Naturally: Five Skin Care Steps to Radiant Skin" on SkinCare?

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