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Lip Gloss and Lipsense

Lip gloss is a substance which is packed in either a bottle or a tube and it makes the lips of a woman shine. An average woman is always concerned about his beauty and about how does she look like socially. So they often use products like lip gloss etc. Lip gloss is very different from lip sense as lip gloss is applied over a lip stick or lip sense to moisturize the lips and make them shine. Though both are lip products but they differ in their properties. There are various lip products that women use.

The most common among them is lipgloss because it is very easy to apply than any other lip product and very portable. Moreover, it is also a cheap product as compared to other products. The function of the lip gloss is to make the lips shine and to protect them from dryness and dust. It increases the beauty of a woman's lips. It also has some medicinal purposes on a woman's lips.

But lip gloss is not just of only one type. The most common type of lip gloss that is available in the market is in the form of rolling tubes. These tubes come in different kinds of shades which a woman can choose for her lips. These colors can be chosen according to the color of their lips or according to the color of the lip sense they use.

In recent years, with the advancements in the field of science and technology, these lip glosses have been designed to fulfill other needs also rather than imparting color to the lips. As mentioned earlier, these lip glosses provide moisture to the lips so that they do not dry in any circumstance. They also protect them from sunlight and some lip glosses also provide medicinal advantages to the lips. Today a lip gloss is fully designed to protect a woman's lips from any damaging factors like sunlight, dust, dryness etc.

These lip gloss contain substances like vitamin E, Aloe Vera, glycerin, etc. These substances help the lips to maintain moisture in them and prevent them from being damaged or being dried. There is another type of gloss called shiny lip gloss. This is a normal lip gloss but it is added with some oils which provide shine to the lips.

A lip gloss plays a vital role in a woman's life because wherever they go they have to look good and fresh. After all looks are the main components of a first impression.

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