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Many Rich People Wear Antique Cuff Links

Antique cufflinks are classic gifts that are appropriate for any special occasion. These magnificent details are truly striking and it doesn't take a trained eye to distinguish between a genuine piece of art and a regular old pair. Following are some examples of the best of the best in antique cufflinks.

Let's start with the beginning of the 20th century. It's very difficult to find a pair of antique cufflinks circa 1900. Quality links were commonly made of 14 karat gold and offered intricate designs. Some were embellished in gemstones or diamonds for a little extra sparkle. These antique cufflinks will cost a nice penny but they are well worth the investment.

Look for items that are from the late Victorian era. These links will commonly have designs like olive leaves or scrolls around the gemstone. If you find a pair of these vintage cufflinks at a decent price, grab them. If you have a cool thousand dollars to spare, you might want to check out antique cufflinks circa 1910. Platinum was the precious metal of choice during this era in the new century.

The base precious metal is sometime embellished with yellow gold around the edges and rich engravings in the center. You can have an easier shopping experience if you look for vintage jewelry for men made during the 1920's. This era of time offered many different and daring looks in style and fashion and this fresh attitude is reflected in the antique cufflinks designed during this turbulent decade. These items are relatively inexpensive compared to the men's vintage jewelry from the late Victorian era but they are every bit as interesting. I prefer these to the antique cufflinks from the turn of the century because they aren't as frilly.

The 1920 designs are sleek and masculine and they are typically about half the price of their earlier counterparts. Surprisingly, I discovered that the Art Deco geometric designs from the mid 1930's are quite expensive. These antique cufflinks are masculine and stylish and a good pair can run close to 1,000 dollars.

While this is a great deal of money, you may find that the looks of the Art Deco vintage jewelry is well worth the investment. All and all you really just have to consider two things: your tastes and your pocketbook. Of course, buying something like a pair of antique cufflinks is a good investment so you really can't lose in the long run.

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