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Proper Care For Diamond Pendants Preserves And Beautifies

When you have a diamond pendant in your armoire that would take your breath away, then you will have to give some consideration to taking care of that diamond. There are many aspects to the care of a wonderful diamond pendant. It is a big investment therefore it needs extra care. You want this diamond to last a lifetime and while diamonds are the hardest compound on earth they still need lots of tender, loving care.

When you clean your diamond pendants there are special ways to do this. Pendants can get dirty from day to day wear, so you must clean them periodically. Even oils from the skin can affect your pendant.

There are a few ways to take care of this properly, such as giving them a mild soap bath. Use a soft brush to wash away the loose particles, but be careful to do this as far away from the sink as possible. It is a known fact that sinks love jewelry and this is one sure way of losing your pendant. Another way to clean your diamond pendant is to soak it in a solution of half ammonia and half cold water. Leave it in the soak in the water for about a half an hour.

You will still have to use a bristle brush to clean it, but remember you can scratch diamonds so be very careful with the brushing. There are also some fantastic cleaners on the market for diamonds and this might be more to your taste to purchase some of these. All you have to do is follow the instructions, but you have to be careful you don't touch the diamonds with your fingers. It will only ruin all your hard work.

Always pick your jewelry up by the edges. Another great idea is pass your pendant in at a jewelry store while you shop. Your pendant is now in the hands of an expert who will clean it safely and make it look like new. There are also machines sold on the market for cleaning diamonds, but you have to know how to use these as they can cause damage to your diamond if not used properly. The setting is another important part of your jewelry and is one of the leading reasons why people lose the diamonds from the pendants. Take your diamond pendant to a jeweler and have the setting checked at least once a year.

You really need to do this if your diamond is set in soft metals such as 24 karat gold. When you store your pendants, you also need to place your diamond pendants in a soft fabric covering and place them into a soft fabric jewelry box. Put them in separate compartments if you can. This is because there is only one thing that can cut a diamond and that is another diamond.

Don't wear your diamond pendant when you are doing heavy work. Even though they are hard compounds, it is still possible to scratch your diamond when it's given the right kind of hit. You also have to keep your pendant away from small children. To ensure that you have a record of your pendant, use a camera to record it and store the video or pictures. Then if anything should happen to your diamond pendant, you have a record of you owned for insurance purposes or just for your own personal use.

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