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Subtle Sexy Female Ankle Tattoos

When asked about sexiest body parts, many people answer "hips and legs." Others may consider then hands or the back to be sexually stimulating, or perhaps a slightly more risqu location. One location that you may find surprisingly sexy, however, is the ankles. Consider the potential that ankle tattoos on ladies may significantly increase their sex appeal. Many people's ankles are actually very attractive.

Because many men already find women's legs attractive, their eyes usually follow the legs all the way down to the ankles. One way to increase men's awareness of your legs is to consider getting an ankle tattoo. These tattoos are ideal for women because they can be both discreet and irresistible. If you work in an office, you may have to hide your tattoo on some days. This can be easily accomplished by wearing opaque tights or hosiery, pants, or certain types of shoes.

Women also can display these tattoos as a unique way to assert their sexuality. Ankle tattoos relay the message, "I am capable of attracting your attention and still be subtle." Many men consider this impossible to resist such a statement. Women may also choose to receive a tattoo on the ankle because they prefer a smaller tattoo. Because the ankle itself is relatively small, placing a tattoo in this location will result in a fairly small design. This relieves women of the need to maintain or hide a big design.

Another benefit of small tattoos that are located on the ankle is that they are less expensive and less painful. Smaller tattoos nearly always are less costly than larger ones. Less ink and less time is required for the application.

Decreased time also means less pain, which is a big factor for many women. Selecting the ankle as a site, however, doesn't necessarily mean that people are limited in their choice of designs. Many smaller tattoos also offer unique, interesting pictures. Indeed, one of the most alluring aspects of ankle tattoos is that they are understated and subtle, and yet still make powerful, striking statements.

Women who choose to get tattoos are making powerful statements. Ankle tattoos are a good way to have a first encounter with the tattooing world, especially if you are anticipating getting more tattoos later. This is also a creative way to stress your individuality without making a heavy commitment to your tattoo. You can select your tattoo to reflect your own individuality and choices.

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