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The Attraction Of Mido Watches

Mido watches have a strong 90 year history, which really attracts itself to watch connoisseurs. They are of good quality and surprisingly given their reputation relatively cheap. The company was first set up back in 1919 and went about making watches that were innovative and attractive. The first Mido watch that really stirred the imagination of the public was the Multifort. It had all the appearance of a classic mechanical watch except it wound itself up.

The first of its kind and it of course sent people rushing into the shops to buy it. What they brought was not just automatic but quality, a word that would be connected to Mido for years to come. The watches had strong springs and accurate time keeping. Its second innovation was to put on the market a watch with all the hands moving in the center. Before then the second, minute and hour times were separated.

It sounds like nothing now, but at the time it was a revelation and another big seller for Mido. And there inventions kept coming, just about keeping up with public demand. They developed upto that point the strongest ever winding mechanism.

Their next contribution a few years was the smallest ever ladies' watch. Mido watches were associated with quality so much that there was a comic strip dedicated to them. One all about a Mido Robot who never stopped, just kept going and going. The single shell design a year later, known as the commander watch helped to improve watches durability. No longer were people taking back watches after only 6 moths use.

Instead Mido had managed to develop a model that would outlast many watches of that time by a couple of years. No doubt the competition was suitable annoyed. Moving into the seventies and the company helped develop waterproof watches with the Aquadura Crown Sealing system. It was not the first waterproof watch, but soon became recognized as the best in quality. They again sold well, people impressed that they could go swimming in them, timing their laps without the watch ever becoming damaged. Finally they introduced the world timer.

A watch that could show the time in any part of the world. This of course made them very popular with businessmen who no longer needed to run around asking people who speak another language the time. All these innovations imprinted the name Mido on the public's memory. Many other companies would of rested on there laurels knowing that they could bring out anything and it would sell well.

Mido to their credit has not done this bringing out watches that have challenged the competition to do it better.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as fine quality watches at

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