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Womens Large Size Shoes Great Options

I have big feet and I love shoe shopping. Finding shoes that fit, has become a huge problem. As I have had my children, my feet have gotten a little longer with each pregnancy.

It seemed like overnight my feet grew to a size 12. What a size 12? When did that happen? I have struggled to find women's shoes that are big enough. Forget even trying to find them in the mall, size 12 shoes are virtually extinct. So, I have had to get creative and look elsewhere. Let me share with you some great options I have found for women's large size shoes: 1. Barefoot Tess- is one of my favorite stores for large size shoes.

They carry up to size 15 in women's designer shoes. Until I found this store, I didn't even know I could find stylish designer large size shoes. Their shoes are beautiful and are made from quality materials. 2.

FootSmart is where I get all of my casual, every day tennis shoes and sandals. Their shoes are so comfortable- which is exactly what my feet need as my feet take a beating chasing my children around town. I especially like the Easy Spirit brand as they cushion my feet so nicely.

FootSmart carries up to size 13. 3. ShoeBuy is another great shoe company for women's large size shoes. With shoes up to size 15, this is a huge store with hundreds of pairs of large size women's shoes! They also offer free shipping and free returns with no sales tax, which can really help stretch the budget.

If you have big feet and love shoe shopping as much as I do, you still have options. Don't even attempt shoe shopping in the mall, as your choices are way too limited. Order a few pairs of shoes off the Internet, if they don't fit return them. There are lots of Internet shoe companies with easy return policies so large size shoe shopping has never been easier.

Visit Tall Clothing Mall at - a great resource for tall men and tall women looking for tall clothing, plus size clothing, big and tall clothing, tall maternity, and large size shoes. This website was created by Krista Mayne, after she became frustrated by the amount of time she spent trying to find tall clothing. Visit to see the latest large size shoe trends for women.

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